This project would not have been possible without the generous support from our mentors, hosts, facilitators and the many friends we made in Rajasthan. The medical providers that we met were key to providing us access to the internal workings of the public health facilities. It also would not have been possible without the patients, families and individuals who so generously shared their stories.

We are thankful for the opportunity.

As a group, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Chhaya Pachuali, Prameet Chopra & the team at Prayas for your patience and generosity in hosting us in Jaipur and coordinating our travels; the many wonderful lecturers & doctors who talked to us; Sam, Matt & Alisha for being our on-site mentors; Heather & the IGL for supporting us throughout our work. 

Thank you to
Madhu Bakshi
Dr. Rajesh Bharadiya
Brett Davidson
Aju Devi
Anil Kumar Garg
Usha Goel
Narandra Gupta
Naval Gupta
Hemleta Jain
Lakshita Jain
James Lindquist
Arun Meena
Rajasthan Medical Services Corporation
Radha Rastogi
Khushpal Singh Rathore
Anna Segelman
Samit Sharma
Amit Sharma
Raghu Raj Singh
Sanjeev Kumar Tak
K. K. Verma
Kalpana Vyas
Vinay Viswanatha

From Ankita

I would like to thank Tufts University and the team from the PNDP for providing us with this platform, especially Samuel James, Matthew Edmundson and Alisha Sett. Annie Lye for being an incredible partner and friend throughout our trip to Bikaner. Dr. Naval Kishore Gupta, and his entire team from Bikaner whom we have closely interacted with. All the nurses, Auxiliary Nurses Midwives (ANMs), and their team of co-workers whose incessant effort to serve in the Public Health sectors are commendable. All the patients and their families for being so generous in sharing their lives with us and giving us some powerful insight to their story. Lastly, the new-found friends and students from Tufts University for being such wonderful compatriots.

From Chris:

Thank you, Niharika, my lovely partner-in-crime. I will always remember our days in Udaipur, trying our best to understand the sights and stories of the day. Thank you to Dr Rajesh, with whom we have shared many cups of chai with. Thank you for enlightening us with your passion, and for allowing us to meet the many other doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals, patients and residents of Udaipur. I also want to appreciate Annie, for sticking through the entire curation process with me. Thank you.

From Niya:

Thank you Ogul, for your unwavering patience and sensitivity as you worked alongside me and as we worked our way through the different languages and systems on hand. Thank you also to Dimpy and Rajan, for sharing the story of their son and family with utmost compassion and honesty, and for their continued empathy and efforts towards easing the lives of Hemophilia patients in Chittorgarh.